Ad guidelines

Ad guidelines

1. Please choose the correct category and subcategory to place your ad. It is important that your ad appears as the correct searching result when users want to search for it.

2. You need to create a clear description of the content of your product. Please use sentences that will make users want to know more about the products or services that you offer or sell. Please do not post any content or material that is sensible and in any way related to sexual, pornographic or gambling content or that have no real precedencies. If you do so, your account will be automatically banned without any prior notice from us.

3. Please update your user profile to contain contact number, email, etc. To make it easier for users to contact you.

4. Fill in additional information such as your Facebook page links, your WhatsApp number, etc. in the space provided. It is important for the user to feel that you are serious in promoting your products or services.

5. Please upload images of the products or services in the space provided. Currently, the system allows you to add up to 3 images for free plan in each one of your ads. The image must be clear and nice. We advise that you do not leave the images blank, as it shows that you are not prepared or not taking the products or services advertised seriously.

6. As of now, only 3 ads allowed to be posted per day.

7. The system will save your ad automatically once you click the button "Skip & Save". You do not need to worry about losing the data you submit.

8. Please choose the ad plan offer that best suits your need, a free plan is assigned to you by default. You can proceed promoting your ad with the free plan. However, if you want your ad to be in exclusively promoted in our website, as well as outside it, we strongly advise you to choose at least one of the cheapest ad plans available.

9. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please contact us using "Contact Us" form.